Friday, June 29, 2012

Theme World Chapter 2

Had a lot of time on my hands, so I squeezed another chapter out for this new series.
Download Theme World c002

Sorry for the ad on the dl link, but please still download from me with these links as it will help me raise funds in order to continue buying raws for this series!

Good Luck, Demon King! Re-release

As some may know, this series has gone through some hell and back when it comes to scanlation history/release schedule, so first I would like to apologize for that x.x
My original group (Muda Scantrad) helped me a bunch with the first volume of releases, but recently I've moved the project to a different group (Vendetta Scans) so I could get some more help with it~
Either way, here I will be releasing the entire first volume as a batch, as well as the individual chapters that Vendetta has, and will continue to, help me with:

Download GLDK v01
Download GLDK v02 c10
Download GLDK v02 c11

Thanks again~

the gldk v01 has some issues unfortunately, but once I find a font for Xiao Phoo that people can stop complaining about, I'll go back and fix ALL the other issues as well as that XD

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Release: Theme World 1

Hey, so I'm going to be using this space for any releases I do in the future.
Basically after a year or two of unsuccessful recruitment of colour-cleaners, I just decided to do it all myself.  So please excuse lack of updates, or lack of redrawing SFX, and enjoy =)

Start it off with a new release of a brand new series: Theme World!
Download it here: Theme World v01 c001

Thanks for reading~!