Friday, June 29, 2012

Good Luck, Demon King! Re-release

As some may know, this series has gone through some hell and back when it comes to scanlation history/release schedule, so first I would like to apologize for that x.x
My original group (Muda Scantrad) helped me a bunch with the first volume of releases, but recently I've moved the project to a different group (Vendetta Scans) so I could get some more help with it~
Either way, here I will be releasing the entire first volume as a batch, as well as the individual chapters that Vendetta has, and will continue to, help me with:

Download GLDK v01
Download GLDK v02 c10
Download GLDK v02 c11

Thanks again~

the gldk v01 has some issues unfortunately, but once I find a font for Xiao Phoo that people can stop complaining about, I'll go back and fix ALL the other issues as well as that XD

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